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  • Telesales Platform!
  • Top Comp Up To 145%
  • Training
  • Support
  • Technology
  • LEADS!!
  • Automated Team Building
  • Cross Sell Medicare, Annuities, Hospital Indemnity, Mortgage Protection, IULs and more!

Calendar Facebook and Banner Leads

Calendar Facebook and Banner Ads have really taken over the industry. At half the cost of Direct Mail and with just as high of quality, they are a no brainer!

Direct Mail Leads

Fixed Price Direct Mail leads starting at $30!  There are several options to choose from.  NOT the "Free $255 Benefit" "Free Walmart Gift Card" Lead Cards. You can also do 1000 piece drops for $410. SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLE!

Top Commissions!

Start at 80% and grow to 145%. We offer Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, IULs, Annuities, Medicare programs and more!

Appointment Setters

Do you hate making phone calls? Are you ready to scale up your business? Hire one of our American based Appointment Setters.  Just send them your leads each week and just go out there and do what you do best: SELL!

Agency Building

How would you like to AUTOMATE your agency building? No more Zip Recruiter ads, messaging random agents or cold calling. Do you want 20 agents scheduling on your calendar each week to talk about working with you? Done! Reach out for more details.

Automation and Technology

Whether it's lead generation, team building, contracting, training, support, technologies that make your life easier and more, you are going to be blown away by how much more efficient you will be working with us!

Group Chat

We have a group text app that we use for guidance, underwriting advice and other tips while you are in the home!
You can also call into the home office and have our staff walk you through any product and shop any case.

Cheat Sheets

We have Cheat Sheets designed for agents to use while they are in the house. Want to know who takes Direct Express and COPD? Search the Cheat Sheet. Want to know which company is best for Insulin Dependent Diabetics with Neuropathy? Search the Cheat Sheet! Updated every week! SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLE!

Training Materials

Everyone's got training, but not everyone has created an Organized, Step by Step, Turn-Key system for any agent to become a Top Producer over night!

These include materials you can print out such as: Appointment Setting and Door Knocking Scripts, In-home Presentations, Overcoming Objections, all Applications/Replacement Forms for ALL Companies in ALL states, Cheat Sheets, Free Quote Engine and much much more!

Top Contracts

For you to receive half the value we offer, most IMOs and Agencies will cut your commission down to 50-60%. We don't do that! We offer top contracts! Up to 80-145%!

Weekly Emails

You will receive weekly emails to let you know of any carrier updates, cheat sheet updates, plus training emails/documents on a variety of topics. This will help keep you in the loop!

Weekly Training Calls

We have 3 training calls per week.  All topics delivered to you by top producers, not Rah Rah Marketers, that will help you make more money.  They are all recorded and stored for future use and you can even send them out to other agents!

Our Step by Step Training and Support Platform

Example from our Cheat Sheet

Our Lead Card


Group Chat

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