What is Final Expense?

Final Expense life insurance is a marketing term that describes small Whole Life policies, usually between $5000 and $25,000 in value, sold for the purpose of covering ones’ final expenses after death. These expenses can include burial expenses, such as the casket, the opening and closing, the actual funeral service etc. It can also include debts, taxes and loss of income.

We service the senior market, usually working with folks in the 50-85 age range. Many life insurance agents may sell final expense products to the senior market, but they are NOT Final Expense agents! The Final Expense market is unlike any other market in our country. We serve mainly folks that have very low incomes; many are disabled and/or have a myriad of health conditions. They need our help and not many agents are willing to do what it takes to get in front of this category of people.

Final Expense policies are designed with our clients in mind. They are Whole Life policies, so we know they will not expire before the client does. The product is defined as a Simplified Issue Whole Life policy. There are no blood tests or doctor records needs. No nurse will have to go out to the client’s home. In most cases, our clients will know they are approved before we leave the house.

Since many of our clients have health problems, Final Expense products are designed to accommodate our clientele. Where many Life Insurance products would severely rate up or decline our prospects, our products will offer 100% first day coverage for a majority of our prospects. With an affordable monthly payment, our clients can get the peace of mind they are looking for and help their families provide for their final expenses when the time comes.

How is Final Expense Sold?

Most successful Final Expense Agents get in front of their prospects using Direct Mail leads. Some may also use Telemarketing Leads or Internet Leads to start off and/or supplement their Direct Mail leads. This process of using leads helps agents get in front of interested and qualified prospects on a weekly basis. This way we are spending our time selling, helping seniors and making money rather than spending countless hours prospecting.

Working with mainly seniors, we usually work daytime hours. Agents will set appointments and door knock their leads and give a Final Expense presentation to their clients face to face in their home. Once we have established WHY they responded back to the lead, we will explain our product, show how we are different from the other guys, then we will health qualify the prospect and build them a program that fits within their budget.

It may sound easy, but it still requires hard work and a mentor to help cut your learning curve down and move your income earning potential up!

Can we be a benefit to you?


  • Top Commissions with no up line standing in the way of your growth!

  • Paid in 24-48 hours with all the competitive carriers!

  • Fixed cost FRESH DIRECT MAIL LEADS that are never resold with the filters to help you get in front of your targeted market easier!

  • Great company lineup with the most competitive carriers in the Final Expense market, that offer Level Day 1 Coverage for all the major health conditions (COPD, AFIB, Parkinson's, Overweight, Neuropathy, Insulin Use, Wheelchair use, Blood Thinners and more)!

  • Production Leaderboard that is updated daily!

  • Full support staff (New Business, Contracting, Licensing, Leads and more)!

  • Group Chat for instant answers while in the home with a client!

  • Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage programs available!

  • Step by step training on all segments of the business with your own personal MENTOR!

  • And MUCH more!!!