Types of IMOs

So you’ve decided to take control of your income and you want to be a business owner? Now you need to find the right Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO). Which is the right one for you? Are all IMOs the same? NO! While every IMO is different, I believe there are 3 general types of IMOs.

Type 1 – Little Help

There are organizations out there that just offer Final Expense contracts with multiple carriers. Usually you can get the highest contracts with these groups. Sometimes you can get 110% or more. Some of these groups are better than others. Some will offer lead programs and maybe even a training call once a week. They will provide little to no mentoring. If you need help, it will be difficult to get it. Either the managers will answer the phone because they are not in the field and haven’t been in years, so they won’t know how to help you or they are still in the field, but have no time or desire to help you.

Either way, this type of setup will only work for agents already producing at high levels that have mastered the Final Expense market. These types of agents require no support, want to work by themselves and don’t mind doing all the extra administrative work that comes with this type of setup.

Type 2 – Way Too Much Help

There are independent organizations that seem to be designed after the captive agency format. Their only saving grace is that they do offer multiple carriers. Many times these type of IMOs still require daily or weekly meetings. Most times they are team building type agencies, so you run into the same problem as the captive agency where agents start with very low commissions in the 50-80% range. Many times they also offer (super expensive in the long run) “free leads.” They will pressure you to start building a team right away. We, proverbially, call these groups “churn and burn” or “koolaid drinking” agencies.

They may give out leads at little or no cost, but these leads have been worked and reworked by dozens of agents before you. While there is little cost to get started in these types of groups, the chance of succeeding is very slim and will require a lot of hard work. If you are working at Home Depot or Taco Bell, then this sort of group is better than nothing. Look at it as a learning experience, get the training you can and get out of there before you burn out!

Type 3 – Just the Right Amount

There are a few IMOs that offer the right balance for the majority of entrepreneurial agents. They will provide everything an agent needs to be successful in this business.

First off, they will provide an agent a personal mentor. This will be someone who has been in the business for years and has a successful track record selling Final Expense personally. These mentors will have earned their high commissions from year in and year out high production and will be able to pass on higher commissions to their agents. It is not uncommon for agents to receive 100% contracts off the start.

The mentor will then personally invest in each and every agent. They will be available by phone, text or email most of the time. When you are in a house, they will be able to help you. No need to wait until the weekly conference call to get help you desperately need right away. Your mentor will also provide you with training materials and work with you learn the Final Expense business from the ground up. They will teach you how to correctly order your business, structure your week, work your leads, present in the home etc. They will teach you what you need to do to be successful. Your mentor will teach you how to replicate their system so that you can become as successful as possible as quickly as possible.

The right mentor will also have teamed up with the right agency that provides the support Final Expense agents need. They will provide Direct Mail (as well as other forms of leads) on a set price basis. You will not have to take any risk with your marketing efforts. You will only have to pay for the leads that come in at a price that you are made aware of from the beginning. The agency will provide back office support. This will include departments that handle contracting, leads, areas to work, billing and an office manager that can get you the forms, apps and other documents sent directly to you.

They will provide ongoing training from other agents and agencies within the IMO. I know that our IMO offers 3 training calls a week. While not mandatory, they always include helpful information that will help you make more money. They also have access to a treasure trove of training calls, videos, recordings and the like from past producers sharing their knowledge in the Final Expense arena.  Our IMO also hosts a Group Chat that as of last count, has around 175 agents participating.  This is great for getting questions answered on the fly, discussing sales tips and tricks, shooting the breeze and just being a part of a group of like minded agents.  It can become lonely out there as an independent agent.  Being a part of a group is what we all need!

Can we be a benefit to you?


  • Top Commissions with no up line standing in the way of your growth!

  • Paid in 24-48 hours with all the competitive carriers!

  • Fixed cost FRESH DIRECT MAIL LEADS that are never resold with the filters to help you get in front of your targeted market easier!

  • Great company lineup with the most competitive carriers in the Final Expense market, that offer Level Day 1 Coverage for all the major health conditions (COPD, AFIB, Parkinson's, Overweight, Neuropathy, Insulin Use, Wheelchair use, Blood Thinners and more)!

  • Production Leaderboard that is updated daily!

  • Full support staff (New Business, Contracting, Licensing, Leads and more)!

  • Group Chat for instant answers while in the home with a client!

  • Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage programs available!

  • Step by step training on all segments of the business with your own personal MENTOR!

  • And MUCH more!!!