Work your schedule and schedule your work!

Being independent business owners, it can become easy to get distracted with the activities of life. I’ve found that it is best to have a set schedule that you never deviate from, unless there is an emergency.

Now the great part of being a business owner is that you are the boss! You can be successful and plan your week around other activities that are important to you.

So what schedule works best for you? Do you have a set schedule that you never deviate from? The Final Expense business offers agents a lifestyle second to none. Where else can you potentially make as much as doctors and lawyers without the decade or so of education??

Here is a schedule that I think is effective:

Start Saturday mornings by printing your new leads. From 9:30 to noon, call and set appointments for Monday ONLY (never set more than one day out, with the exception being Saturday for Monday). Call through your leads again Saturday evening if your day is not full.

Sunday – Family, rest, church etc. I know some folks that set appointments Sunday afternoon. I never have, nor will I, but that is up to you.

Monday – Run appointments from 9-6pm and door knock in between.

Tuesday morning – 9:30-11 set appointments for Wed. Get on conference call at 11am. Set more appointments then get out in the field and door knock people you haven’t reached.

Wed – Run appointments. Door knock in between. Bring all your leads into the field and set appointments for Thursday.

Thursday – Run appointments, door knock, go back to no shows, deliver policies.

Friday – Administrative day if you have hit your goal. Be on Friday round table conference call at 11am. Order applications, check company websites for amendments on pending business, stock your bag for the following week etc. If you haven’t sold at least $2000 in AP, go out door knocking in the afternoon.

Now maybe your schedule will not allow you to work this schedule exactly. But you have to have a set schedule predetermined by you. Get with your manager/mentor to come up with a game plan so that you can be successful!