Internet Leads

A newer form of lead to come on the scene in the last few years are Internet Leads. Internet leads are just that: leads generated on the internet. There are many lead sources that sell shared internet leads. Run from these sources like the plague! They are a waste of money.

I have tried a few internet lead sources and quality may vary, as well as price. I’ve paid anywhere from $12-$35 a lead. The leads are developed using Facebook Marketing and/or Google Adwords. Have you ever googled something and seen advertisements at the top and right hand side of the page? Those are paid advertisers. It works the same way on Facebook. You can still target the right age and income demographic, but your lead flow is haphazard. You may get 1 lead a day or 5 leads in one day. You might get 8 leads one week and 25 the next.

You can even learn how to develop these leads for yourself. There is still a cost involved and now your own time, but it can be done. I do believe these leads will become more and more mainstream as Generation X ages into the senior market. Will they ever eclipse Direct Mail Leads? I don’t know, but I mess around with these leads every once in a while to test quality. I haven’t found one I like just yet.