Direct Mail Leads

Final Expense Direct Mail Lead CardFinal Expense Direct Mail leads are the go to type of lead for all successful Final Expense Agents. Direct Mail leads are business reply cards mailed directly to the consumer with a postage paid return stamp. Direct Mail gives us the ability to target the specific prospect that we are looking for. Because Final Expense Prospect are usually lower income and older, we can mail to those type of demographics. Make sure you team up with an IMO and/or mail vendor who will mail to the correct demographic. Direct mail leads are the best leads for Final Expense!

First, they produce the best type of prospects. Unlike other forms of leads, fresh Direct Mail lead cards come from prospects who DID something. They got the card in the mail. They read it, they thought about it, they looked for a pen, they filled the card out and finally they mailed it back. When you contact them, they will usually have remembered filling the card out and remember the reason why they sent it in in the first place. You can show them the card with their handwriting. You can read the card back to them. You can get them back to where they were emotionally when they filled out the card.

Now with any kind of lead, you will get those that thought this was some kind of free government hand out. There is no way around that unfortunately. Final Expense Direct Mail vendors have to find the right balance. If they are too specific, they will kill return rates. If they are too vague, they will increase return rates, but you will have a large percentage of bad prospects. I am partial to our Direct Mail card. It mentions Life Insurance and Final Expenses in the first line.

To be fair, our prospects know what these cards are about. This is not the first card they have mailed in. Make sure you find the right Mentor who can teach you how to work these cards effectively.

Direct Mail also provides agents with a steady flow of leads. All successful Final Expense Agents will tell you that to be successful, you need fresh leads every week. Direct Mail Leads are the only source that can provide this week in and week out. Telemarketing leads are limited by the Do Not Call List and Internet Leads are limited by the fact that seniors are not as technologically savvy as the younger ages. Final Expense Direct Mail Leads will be the staple for Final Expense Agents for years to come.

The only real downsides to Direct Mail Leads is that they are pricier that other lead sources and they turn around time from when you order them to when they are delivered is much longer compared to other lead sources. Final Expense Direct Mail leads can cost anywhere from around $30-$45 per lead and can take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to start coming back to the agent once an order has been placed. Just an FYI, our agency has access to Set Priced Direct Mail Leads at $30 per lead.

Final Expense agents can either mail out reply cards by the 1000 and hope to get a good return on their drop or they can hook up with a Final Expense IMO that provide a set priced lead program. Usually with the set priced lead program, the IMO will subsidize the lead cost and provide the Direct Mail leads at a set price per lead. The agent may be required to place some sort of deposit or down payment on the leads, but after that, they only pay for the leads that come in. This places the risk of return on the IMO and not the agent. It also helps guarantee the correct amount of leads the agent wants on a weekly basis.

Because the agent will have to wait 4-5 weeks before their fresh Direct Mail leads start coming in, most agent who wish to be successful will purchase Telemarketing Leads, Aged Leads or another type of lead while they wait for their Direct Mail leads to come in.

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