Aged Leads

Aged Leads are another source that agents can use to supplement their normal flow of fresh leads or use while they wait for their fresh Direct Mail Leads to come in. Aged leads can be any type of lead that is not fresh, but usually refers to Aged Direct Mail Leads. These are older leads can be anywhere from 3 months-3+ years old. In some cases they have never been sold or worked by an agent. Sometimes they have only been sold to one agent and sometimes they are sold and resold and resold and resold. We called these “Stepped on” B leads. The captive or “churn and burn” agencies will usually use these type of leads.

Many times it will be difficult to get a hold of an aged lead. Maybe their obamaphone is out of minutes or they’ve moved or, in some cases, they’ve already passed away. With this type of lead you are trading time for money. I have worked Aged leads before and you have to work many more hours per week to make the same income as you would with Fresh Direct Mail Leads. Our agents have access to our Refresh Letter that improves their closing ratio immensely.

Some IMOs that offer very low comp (50-80%) will hand these leads out for free. Nothing in life is free! You are giving up half your commission for these “free leads.” Every business requires a startup cost. If you really have no money, it is going to be very difficult to succeed.

Can we be a benefit to you?


  • Top Commissions with no up line standing in the way of your growth!

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