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Facebook Lead Program

All $25,000+/mo producers use 30-40+ Direct Mailers a week. But not everyone can start there. So we wanted to offer a high quality lead that any agent could afford. So if you don't have tons of cash stashed away, but want to start making money right away, then the Facebook Lead Program might be for you. Even if you have used Facebook leads in the past, listen to the audio clip. You will be impressed at what we have to offer.

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Standing Order - Direct Mail

The Standing Order Direct Mail program is designed for agents that are experienced in the business and want to ensure they get the best area protected (locked down) and get their requested number of Direct Mail leads each and every week. This is a little more of an investment up front, but it has the highest level of success since the agent will not have to worry about having weeks without fresh clients to present to. ​ You will pay for your leads as they go out.

Agency Builder Program

Almost every agent I know gets out in to the field, starts killing it for a few years and then they're ready to get out of the field and start building. STOP! Too many agents have gone broke trying to get rich. This is get rich slowly type of business. However, too many agencies will have you cold calling agents and non-licensed prospects for dozens of hours a week. What if there was a comprehensive builder strategy? What if you didn't have to learn Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Auto-Responders, Website/Landing Page development etc? We have created a White Label system, where you can have 15-25 interested prospective agents scheduling an appointment to speak to you when you're available. Are you ready to Grow a Million Dollar Agency in 6 months to a year? We will get you there!

Broker Program

Are you happy where you currently are, but you are missing a company or two that you need? Feel free to reach out to see what level we can offer for you. ​ Do you have a large agency and making a higher comp could really increase your revenue? Let's chat to see if I could better your situation.

Medicare Program

The Medicare Program is a great way to make additional money from your current leads you are working. It can also build you a very nice residual income. Selling 2 policies a week can make you over $20,000 in passive income the next year! ​ If you are with an IMO that does not have a Medicare Program with training/support, feel free to reach out and we will help you get going!

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