Cold Calling

Cold calling

We’ve discussed Telemarketing Leads and Cold Calling is similar. Instead of paying someone to make the calls for you, you just do it yourself. You can purchase a targeted list and start dialing. If you want to increase your productivity, you can purchase the use of an Online Dialer. You can then just upload your targeted list of data as an Excel spreadsheet straight into the dialer and it will call out on multiple lines at one time. It will connect you to someone when they answer the phone. This is much better than manually dialing. You might be able to dial 30-40 calls in an hour manually. With a dialer you can 4-5 times that number.

Personal story: I actually used this method when I first started out. I would not recommend it! I did exactly as outlined above. I spent hours calling to no avail. I shared my story online with a group of agents and a seasoned agent had mercy on me. He shared a simple script that helped me start developing 1-2 leads an hour. I spent about 15 hours developing leads one week and then door knocked every lead the following week. I wrote $3300 in AP that week in the field.

I’ve purchased leads ever since!