Captive vs Independent

So you’ve decided to become a Final Expense Agent. Now you have to make sure you start in the right place. Most agents fail because they choose the first and/or wrong organization off the start. Without the right support and product, many agents will be doomed to mediocrity or failure! Final Expense may be a form of sales, but it is unlike any other type of sales in the world. The product may be simple, but if you do not learn the prospect, you will fail. So it is of the utmost importance that you choose the right organization and mentor so that you can be successful.

Captive agencies are just that; captive. You will usually be working directly for the insurance company. You may or may not be a 1099 self-employed contractor. You will be placed in an agency that is near to your geographical location. You will usually be required to attend weekly or daily sales meetings at the office. This can be a good thing for those with an “employee mindset.” Your week will be structured for you. Many times, Captive Agencies will provide leads for their agents along with training. The overall value of these benefits will differ based on the manager you work under. Many times these organizations will be “Team Building” agencies, meaning that their goal is for everyone to build a team and start doing that as quickly as possible. There will be many rungs to the ladder and you will start at the bottom.

Because there will be so many different levels between you and the top, you will never reach the top. Many people describe the insurance business as a pyramid scheme. What corporate organization is not though?  However, captive agencies tend to resemble the negative aspects of a pyramid scheme more closely. It is not uncommon for agents to start at 50-80% commission rates. Maybe the guy at the top is at 120%, then there’s a guy at 100%, then 90% and so on all the way down to the bottom. You will never be able to go above your manager and your manager will never be able to go above his manager and so on.

Captive agencies are also limited on the products they can offer. Usually they will only have one final expense product and if it is a good fit for the client, great, but if not, they don’t have anything else to offer. The pricing for the consumer is usually higher as well, compared to an independent product. From what I’ve seen and from the agents I’ve talked to, the lead costs are higher as well. Sometimes they will offer free leads with the lowest contracts. Remember what your mama always said, “Nothing in life is free!” This is true with “free leads” as well. This topic is covered in detail below.

As you can see, I am not a fan of the captive agency format!

Independent agencies are different. The main appeal is twofold: usually higher commissions and broader more competitive product base.

Independent agents are always 1099 self-employed agents. You will choose an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) and then contract with multiple Final Expense carriers. You will then be able to offer the most competitive products to your clients. If you are truly wanting to do what is in your client’s best interest, I believe this is the only way to sell Final Expense.

This type of agency only works with self-starting entrepreneurial individuals. Nobody is standing over your shoulder Monday morning making sure you go to work. If you are lazy or need a boss to tell you what to do, go find a J O B! If you want unlimited earning potential based off of your hard work and dedication, then the Independent route is the one you should take.

Can we be a benefit to you?


  • Top Commissions with no up line standing in the way of your growth!

  • Paid in 24-48 hours with all the competitive carriers!

  • Fixed cost FRESH DIRECT MAIL LEADS that are never resold with the filters to help you get in front of your targeted market easier!

  • Great company lineup with the most competitive carriers in the Final Expense market, that offer Level Day 1 Coverage for all the major health conditions (COPD, AFIB, Parkinson's, Overweight, Neuropathy, Insulin Use, Wheelchair use, Blood Thinners and more)!

  • Production Leaderboard that is updated daily!

  • Full support staff (New Business, Contracting, Licensing, Leads and more)!

  • Group Chat for instant answers while in the home with a client!

  • Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage programs available!

  • Step by step training on all segments of the business with your own personal MENTOR!

  • National Sales Trainer that comes to YOU and trains you!

  • And MUCH more!!!