How to Overcome Final Expense Objections over the Phone

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Setting appointments by phone direct mail final expense

If you are like me, you would much rather wake up Monday morning with 6-8 appointments already set.

I believe everyone’s goal should be at least $3000 in Annual Premium if you are taking 20 DM leads a week. To get to that point, you need to give 12 presentations a week (couples count as 2).

I think the most efficient way to get there is to set appointments. That way it will limit the amount of driving/door knocking you will have to do each week.

So I just wanted to give a few tips on setting appointments.

First, the only goal when you are calling the prospect is to set the appointment. You don’t need find out their health history, you don’t need to know what meds they are on, nothing. JUST SET THE APPOINTMENT!  The more you say on the phone, the less money you will make.

If the prospect tries to give you that info or they want to find out what this appointment is about, I respond with, “Yeah, it’s about that card you mailed back to us. I will go over all of that with you tomorrow. Now you live it at…”

Always make sure you are using a local area code when making calls.  I would suggest you get a Google Voice number either way. That way prospects aren’t blowing up your cell/home phone and you can set your VM up appropriately.

When someone does call back, don’t answer unless you have your leads in front of you. That way you know who you are talking to. You’ll sound more professional.

The best rebuttal to any objections is always, “Look, my job is just to get you the information you are eligible to receive. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. I’ve got a spot open tomorrow at 10am and 2pm, what time works best for you?”

Unless setting on Saturday for Monday, never set an appointment more than ONE DAY out!  Your no show % will skyrocket if you do.

Never call to confirm unless you are going well out of your way. Most times when you call, they will cancel. Remember our clients are PROFESSIONAL PROCRASTINATORS. If you give them the opportunity to cancel, many will take it.  (It’s like my dentist office. They started sending out reminder texts a couple years back. They would give you the opportunity to cancel. Let’s just say I took them up on that opportunity a few times haha!  I hate going to the dentist!)

On that note, if someone asks you to call before you come out, tell them you cannot.  That’s why you’re calling now, so let’s find out when you know you will be home. Those people will be No Shows 90% of the time.

Once you’ve set the appointment, try to cement the appointment time in the prospects’ mind. I would do this by confirming their address, finding out color/type of house/apartment #/code/any cars out front. Try to make them laugh.  I’ve heard of agents saying something like this, “Now Mildred, I will be there tomorrow at 11am. If you see a skinny young white guy show up at the door, that’s not me haha!”

Under the Premium Access tab, contracted agents have access to more in depth training on setting appointments.  This includes scripts and audio training on not just what to say, but how to say it!

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