Joshua Jones

Brandon Smotherman

Who is Final Expense Entourage?

When Brandon and I got into the Final Expense industry it was like the Wild Wild West.  There were no systems to replicate, you had to fend for yourselves when it came to lead generation and there definitely weren't any scripts or presentations to help you get in the door and close sales.

We both took similar journeys: we had to succeed, so eventually we asked enough questions and pieced together enough of the puzzle to start making sales.  Eventually we figured it out. 

In our almost 20 years combined experience, we have consistently written $200,000-$400,000 in Final Expense premium, been on exotic trips all over the world and didn't have to work 80 hours a week to get there. 

We eventually met up at a training conference and through many late night conversations came to realize there was something missing in our industry. There were no agencies that provided high level training, cutting edge lead generation techniques, mentoring by top producers along with high commissions (100-145%) and a way to funnel in high quality agent recruits for the Agency Builders.  

So during a late night strategy session in an Airbnb in Nashville, Tennessee Final Expense Entourage was born. 

In less than a year, we have brought on over 400 agents spanning the nation, written close to $4,000,000  in production,  mentored brand new and veteran agents to sell $20,000+ per month in Final Expense premiums and created the most digitally advanced recruiting platform in the industry. 

While we focus primarily on Final Expense, we have dedicated teams to help agents cross sell into the Medicare, Mortgage Protection, IUL and Annuity markets.

So if you're ready to become a Top Producer and/or grow a Million Dollar Agency, we have the platform for you.  CLICK HERE to set up a time to chat.